Do you have a question about advertising on RCN Bulletin Jobs? Find the solution below. 


How do I advertise a vacancy on RCN Bulletin Jobs?

Advertising with RCN Bulletin Jobs is simple and quick to arrange. Simply call one of our team on 020 8423 1333 or email us at If it is easier to email us, please do provide us with your contact details so we can get in touch to discuss your requirements.

How can I place an advert in one of your prominent banner slots?

RCN Bulletin Jobs has a range of banner advertisement opportunities throughout the site, from full-site wallpaper takeovers to headline banners. To discuss booking an advert, please contact us on 020 8423 1333 or email us at

Can I search for CVs?

Employers and recruiters are able to search our database of candidate CVs but will need to create a recruiter account on the site first. The CV search offers an excellent opportunity to directly target the nursing talent you need.

How do I place an advert in RCN Bulletin?

With a circulation of over 420,000, RCN Bulletin offers an unrivalled print solution to your nursing recruitment needs. For further details on our digital and print packages, please call 020 84723 1333 or email us at

How do I exhibit at the Jobs Fair?

RCN Bulletin Jobs Fair gives you the opportunity to directly interact with thousands of job seeking nurses across the UK. To find out about upcoming events, book a stand or to discuss sponsorship, call 020 8423 1333 or email